Wedding Cake & Accessories – accessory set.


The wedding cake and accessory set is a beautiful accessory for the Jonathan and Tabitha's big day. The cake is a wonderful three tier cake with two tiny Sylvanian figurines on top it is displayed on a table with a tablecloth on and pink bow. There is also another small round table waiting with a bottle of bubbly on ice with two champagne flutes ready to toast the happy couple. There are wedding gifts, cards and envelopes and a board.

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The set comes with a white 3 tier wedding cake with red cherries around the brim and a little white rabbit couple on top, a white cake stand with a sliver trim and a pink bow, a sliver champagne bucket with a bow and a some ice and a green champagne bucket, 2 champagne flutes, a little light brown table, a wedding title board outlined with pink and peach flowers on a brown stand, cards and presents.

Over 15 pieces.

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