Rose Timbertop
Rose Timbertop
Family: Brown Bear Family
Role: Mother
Family members: See here

Rose Timbertop – Brown Bear Mother.


Rose Timbertop loves not only her own children, but all the children in Sylvania, which is why her house is always full of noisy youngsters having fun. There are so many in her house everyday, it's hard to tell which ones belong to her!


Rose Timbertop has a brown fur body with black eyes. She wears a polka dot blue dress with a lace apron

Released in sets Edit

  •  ?: Brown Bear Family
  • 2803: The Originals – Rose Timbertop
  • 4491: Celebration Brown Bear Family


  • The Timbertop family were released in Woolworths in the UK with the windmill as an exclusive boxed set in the mid 1990s, with the mother wearing a pink dress instead of a blue dress.