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Family Saloon Car (former Red Saloon Car) – car set.


Toot toot! The Family Saloon Car is a stylish little retro vehicle, perfect for a family of four. This lovely vintage-style tomato-red car with is ideal for family trips. As well as a baby seat for the smaller members of the clan, this car also comes with a yummy picnic set – sandwiches and some juice to wash it down! The front bumper can be pulled out to reveal a nifty picnic table, and there are 2 trays which can be clipped into the roomy boot when they’re not being used. This right-hand drive vehicle with Sylvanian number plate is just what you need for days out in the country and trips to the ocean. If you do love to travel, then the Roof Rack with Picnic Set is the perfect addition to this lovely Sylvanian automobile!




The set includes 1 car, 1 table, 1 child seat, 2 trays, 1 lunch box, 4 sandwiches, 1 basket, and 2 juice cans.

Over 10 pieces.

As 'Red Saloon Car (Flair 4617) the set includes only a car.



  • Flair's version registration number: "CH3 RRY".
  • Epoch's version registration number: "SF-0002".